Entrance fee

Regular three-day ticket

The entrance fee for everyone (girls and boys) is € 35.


We offer a reduced entrance fee for people travelling very long distances to visit the Ultimate Meeting. To take advantage of this special treatment, contact us using the form on your right!

Componight ticket

For those who feel too fragile to experience three days of pure party-pleasure, we offer a componight ticket for € 25 which will be valid from 18.00h on the 28th. So join us on Tuesday evening to watch the competitions with us.

Supporter ticket

Since 2009 we offer supporter tickets starting at € 75 for the bronze class and € 150 for the silver class. Visitors willing to pay € 225 ore more apply for the gold class! Every supporter will be mentioned on our website and is included in our prayers. Moreover he will get a free party T-Shirt and a printed invoice. So do something to improve your karma!


To take advantage of the Long-Travel-Distance-Discount™, please contact us in advance!

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